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Test - Competency for co-operation

Are You Co-operative

There are few people who have a job at which they do not need other people. We need cooperation both in our personal and working lives, and it is more advantageous to solve certain problems by agreement and cooperation than by other means. The ability to cooperate is one of the competencies without which it is very difficult for us to succeed in the labour market.
The atmosphere at work or in a team has a lot to do with many factors. And one of them is our own attitude to cooperation as such.
Your results do not express any scientific findings; however, they do help you to know yourself better. They should also make you think.

Choose the most fitting from the scale & mark the statements below:

1. If I were a trainer, I would do my best for the top level of my team.
2. I get along well with other people and I am always ready to work hard for the benefit of a common goal.
3. I am angry when others do not notice my efforts or good results.
4. The following sentence: “Yes, but it could be done better, faster and more effectively“is typical for me.
5. I am always ready to support such ideas that lead to a successful problem solving.
6. When I do not know something I look for the necessary information in appropriate literature or on the internet.
7. Changes or more complicated tasks are a challenge for me.
8. I like to be responsible for tasks that I perform on my own.
9. I prefer working on a task by myself to explaining to others what it is about.
10. My work performance is on the highest levels when I rely only on myself.
11. I hate meetings and long debates concerning common procedures.
12. I do not like long discussions on how things should be done. In such case I prefer to act on my own.
13. I keep forgetting that other people may have their own opinion about things.
14. I like competitive environment since I like winning.
15. „More heads, more knowledge“is a true proverb.
16. I know my life goals and I want to reach them.
17. I am able to positively respond to my colleagues, their ideas, initiatives and success.
18. If someone needs advice, I patiently try to help them.
19. I feel that sometimes it is necessary to be unpopular if one is to be successful in enforcing one’s goals.
20. I am able to co-operate with all types of people on condition that they can contribute something that is worthwhile.
21. I know how to listen to people, openly communicate with them and help them.