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Test - Competency for entrepreneurship

Are you an active person?

An entrepreneur? A selfish, intolerant man who wants to get rich quickly. People think so just as much as they cannot see any difference between “entrepreneurship” and “business”. The test you have just taken concerns the quality called “entrepreneurship”. This does not concern the fact whether or not you are able to become a successful entrepreneur. We understand it in a much broader context: it is perceived as an inner force that makes people think and do things, i.e. take action. We can find active people in all professions and jobs. And by the way, those who want to get rich quickly can also be found but they are not successful. Successful entrepreneurship requires a high degree of reliability, mutual trust and co-operation. The surveys of successful entrepreneurs have shown that those who are successful are also more often than not ethically and socially very responsible people.
Your results do not express any scientific findings; however, they may help you to know yourself better. They should also make you think.

Choose the most fitting from the scale & mark the statements below:

1. The more responsibility there is, the greater the potential for trouble.
2. It would be difficult for me to progress ideas into concepts and plans.
3. I appreciate being given clear instructions about what to do and how to do it.
4. Sometimes I take up so many things that I am not able to manage them properly.
5. I love coming up with new things. I have lots of ideas and plans.
6. I do not avoid accepting responsibility – both for myself and on behalf of others.
7. Taking risks pays off.
8. I respect the precept: „Mind your own business.”
9. I am able to evaluate the situation and define risks.
10. It is very difficult for me to start new things; to be honest, it frightens me.
11. I adapt to what is going on around me without any grumbles.
12. From time to time I think of starting my own business but I never do.
13. Entrepreneur’s life is too hectic for me.
14. Sometimes I have good ideas; however, I lack the courage to present them to others.
15. I do not mind changes but hardly ever initiate them myself.
16. It is exciting for me to start new activities and I always look for opportunities.
17. I am frightened by the idea that I should stand on my own feet and start my own business.
18. I prefer not to express my opinions in spite of the fact that it may prevent me from reaching my goal.
19. I hate routine.
20. I really do not like changes or unnecessary upheaval.
21. It is necessary to have a job. I have to earn my living somehow.