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Test - Competency for flexibility

Are You Flexible?

Jumping to conclusions, information overload, fast pace, and changes on the one hand, peaceful life, clear rules, and certainty on the other. Most of us experience something from either side of the dilemma. We need a certain excitement and the necessity to adapt and change oneself as well as the feeling of certainty and stability. Nevertheless, the current market prefers flexible people able to respond to demanding and continually changing conditions.
The extent to which we are able to respond flexibly depends of course, on a wide range of both physical and psychological factors. Here we can include primarily our attitude, i.e. the way we approach the surrounding world and the changes that take place in it on a daily basis.
Your results do not express any scientific findings; however, they do help you to know yourself better. They should also make you think.

Choose the most fitting from the scale & mark the statements below:

1. It is necessary to keep increasing one’s knowledge & to fully keep track of the current trends.
2. I will adjust as long as the circumstances really demand it.
3. I will buy a replacement for a product I have been using only when the old one has really had it.
4. From time to time, all laws & guidelines require changing.
5. If a good job hails from somewhere else, I am ready to make a move.
6. As with anything else, life also calls for some order.
7. If I do something for too long, I lose interest.
8. I am engaged especially by modern arts & contemporary music.
9. Novelty has its unsurpassed charm.
10. I am frightened by the idea I should be stuck in one place all my life.
11. I am hard pressed to keep up with the world we live in.
12. Pity that old habits & traditions are currently waning.
13. If someone is not capable of taking risks, he cannot know life in its entirety.
14. There are many things I have not tried. I simply lack the talent.
15. A good partnership contributes to my self-assurance.
16. It is true that I can quickly and smoothly change my working habits and/or lifestyle.
17. I welcome all changes & see them as a challenge, even adventure.
18. I always prefer tradition & reliability, at work, in relationships, everywhere.
19. Times are changing but I look towards the future optimistically.
20. I handle new situations well.
21. Nowadays one has to be well informed, flexible & keep an open mind.