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Test - Competency for efficiency

Competency for efficiency

There is no employer who would not like to have efficient, well – motivated and reliable staff. What does really efficiency mean? It is not just about a steady delivery, but also about precision, attention to detail, reliability and the willingness to learn all the time. The competence for efficiency ranks at the top of employers demands. A short test follows which should give you an idea how you would strike a potential employer as far as efficiency is concerned.

Consider the following statements and choose on the scale where you think you come in.

1. I can work against a dead line and still be meticulous.
2. A boring task does not affect me.
3. There is always room for improvement.
4. Reaching a goal gives me full motivation.
5. Compared to others I can handle much more.
6. I hate people who just stick around.
7. I always want to be among the best.
8. I am strong willed.
9. I can organize working activity both for myself and others.
10. My mates call me a persistent man who never gives up.
11. Both at work and outside, I like to be compared to others.
12. If it is something important I can be very insistent.
13. I want to be a winner not just an also – ran.
14. When I set myself a goal I will overcome all obstacles.
15. I am capable of multi – tasking.
16. A job half finished is a job not done.
17. Doing nothing kills me.
18. I am irritated by some people around me who work dead slow.
19. If I want to achieve something nothing can stop me.
20. I certainly appreciate a well – minded criticism.
21. My performance remains the same whether or not my boss watches me.
22. I know what is important for me. My priorities are clear.
23. My performance is consistently high.
24. I love competition.