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Test - Competency for independence and decisiveness

Competency for independence and decisiveness

According to a survey of employers‘ opinion, managers assign clear priority to employee’s own initiative, focus on the task at hand, persistence, self-discipline and independent decision-making. The competence for independence and decisiveness ranks first on the scale of their requirements. Now, in this short test, you can find out about your abilities.

Consider the following statements and choose on the scale where you think you come in.

1. I know my limitations.
2. I remain non-plussed by difficult, unresolved situations.
3. I can stick to my opinion and do not pay attention to what others think.
4. I would not mind going on a holiday right across the country.
5. Before I set myself to work, I will have formed an idea of what is going to happen and on what time scale.
6. I prefer solving problems on my own.
7. I dislike hangers-on.
8. I can easily plan my work so that I can handle it well and without stress.
9. I do not mind not knowing from time to time, what I am exactly supposed to do. I will always manage somehow.
10. I have no trouble making decisions.
11. I can tell when someone is trying to manipulate me; I can resist such attempts.
12. If I need additional information while on a job, I prefer finding it myself rather than asking anyone.
13. I am at my best when I can only rely on myself.
14. Everyone is master of their destiny.
15. Whilst cooking, I often make experiments and disregard the recipe.
16. Who does not ask. does not get.
17. I prefer to be personally responsible for what I do.
18. I know well that if more people work on the same task, each of them tries to win the others for their point of view; in the end, little comes of it.
19. If the task is set to the last detail, I can feel rather irritated and constrained.
20. Do not start what you cannot finish.
21. I do not mind loose definitions of what I am supposed to do.
22. If I have to take a decision, I prefer to rely on my own judgement rather than the advice of others.
23. If I work as part of a team, I will choose such a task that I can finish myself.
24. My parents have always made the effort to make me self-reliant. Ever since I was small I had my own duties I had to attend to.