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Test - Competency for customer orientation

Customer is always right, right??

Your result does not suggest a scientific evaluation of yourself; it is but a yardstick you can apply to get to know yourself better. It should also make you think. “Meet the customer’s needs” is a tenet frequently present in company brochures; as a slogan it may often be used as part of a marketing strategy. However, in reality it is quite often just an empty notion, which is unfortunate since customer’s satisfaction may be the make-or-break for a company to survive in today’s competitive business environment. Everyone wants to keep a good job. So how do you fit in? In any case, this is a competence that can be quickly improved – if you only try.

Choose the most fitting from the scale & mark the statements below:

1. Working with customers is difficult & one does not get paid enough for it, either.
2. I always try to be forthcoming.
3. I like to have everything done properly & on time.
4. There are some people I cannot get on with.
5. Whatever I do, I cannot please everyone.
6. Customer is always right but he should know what he wants.
7. Customer needs help with making the right choice.
8. I tis essential to listen to what the customer wants rather than talk.
9. I love working with customers and/or clients.
10. The customer should realize that the shop assistant is also human.
11. People want to get the best value for their money.
12. To deal with a customer calls for patience & creativity.
13. Customers mostly want the same thing.
14. There are as many wishes as there are customers
15. I can say I am a responsible person.
16. It is important to stick to the rules & guidelines, which means it is not always possible to satisfy the customers’ requirements.
17. Time spent on dealing with the customer pays off.
18. It s true that the customer is always right.
19. Do you want to buy i tor not?
20. It is important to convince a customer that they need a product or a service.
21. To give proper information to the client is worth more than a thousand smiles.