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Test - Competency for solving problems

Solving conflicts

Every day, all of us have to face any number of problems; some of them can be easily disposed of in no time at all, others are trickier and dealing with them calls for time, effort, creativity and emotional input. A point in case is situations involving conflict which a number of people find unpleasant. However conflict is a natural ingredient of interpersonal relationships. A conflict may be perceived in a negative way as a source of tension and anxiety, or on the contrary, it maybe sought out and welcome. A certain level of conflict is conditional for a creative, lively and constructive atmosphere: no conflict, no life. Conflicts prevent stagnation, relieve tensions, invigorate, help to resolve problems; they can mean an opportunity, a change, a new beginning.

This little test has been inspired by the well - known Thomas Killman Conflict Mode Instrument. It will help you find out how you prefer to resolve conflicts, and may give you some food for thought.

Choose the most fitting from the scale & mark the statements below:

1. If my opposite number wants something very hard I try to oblige.
2. I am perfectly clear of everything, and I am right..
3. I try to maintain healthy balance between wins and losses.
4. I am not after winning but rather to reach a mutually satisfactory outcome.
5. If at all possible I prefer to leave the responsibility for solving a problem to others.
6. In cooperation with other I try to discuss the issue in the round so as to find an acceptable solution.
7. In arguments I try not to make my opponent angry, I want to maintain a good relationship.
8. In negotiation I try to take into consideration wishes and/or demands of all the participants.
9. I firmly project my views.
10. Although I am of the opposite view, I try not to show it.
11. I tend to prevaricate; on most occasions, the problem will resolve itself somehow eventually.
12. In order to resolve a problem I freely exchange information with other.
13. I do not disagree openly so as to avoid unnecessary complications.
14. I try to be open and sincere because I really want to have a problem resolved in the best possible way.
15. I try not to hurt the feelings of others.
16. I want to win.
17. I’d rather give in than damage a relationship because that is the most important thing.
18. Compromise is an acceptable solution for me.
19. I dislike edgy situations which is why I prefer to hold the conflict within.
20. I respect the well know fact that if both parties give in a little, agreement is usually reached.
21. I try to explain to everyone the logic of my point of view, how beneficial and/or advantages it really is.
22. I try to meet other people’s expectation.
23. Middle of the road is best, and I want us to find it.
24. I am willing to give something away in order to get something else.
25. If I really want to get my way I do not mind pressing hard.