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Test - Competency for stress resiliency

What messes up your life ?

Stress is so well entrenched in our lives that there is hardly anyone not realizing it. Many people maintain that they experience an elevated level of stress most of the time. Increased stress affects our feeling of happiness as well as our productivity and performance at work. Yet often we make the stress level much worse than necessary due to our perceptions of the world outside. This questionnaire will help you find out what it is you may be doing wrong in this particular area.

Please read carefully the statements below and mark on the scale how much you identify with each.

1. If I make a mistake it is likely people would think the worse of me.
2. It does not make sense going overboard to reach one’s goal.
3. Whatever one does, it should be done well.
4. People just must be offended by criticism.
5. It is always necessary to try and find the best solution.
6. Others know they will have to remind me of what they told me to do so that I really do it.
7. It is all but impossible to find the time for planning.
8. To be happy I need to be recognized by other people.
9. If things are not following my expectations, I quickly become impatient.
10. I cannot reach meaningful goals without toiling away like a slave.
11. What others think about me is ultimately more important than what I think about myself.
12. One should have a reasonable prospect for success well before embarking on a project.
13. Personal planning is fairly useless; there will always be something which will scupper the plans anyway.
14. Often I ask myself what others would say about what I do.
15. I am far from being perfect.
16. The way I see myself depends to a large degree on what others think about me.
17. I should be able to solve my problems fast and easy.
18. I have to be a useful, creative, productive person, or there is no sense to my life.
19. If what I am doing does not yield results fast, I will give up on it.
20. I cannot be happy myself without making others happy.
21. I cannot stand making a mistake.
22. I want to have control of what is going on around me.
23. If I make the needs of other people superior to my own, I will be able to fall back on them when I need help.
24. If I am unsuccessful, people will not like me.