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Test - Competency for effective communication

Are you communicative ?

Of course it would be so nice if we always could come to terms with those about us and our surroundings, but it does not happen that way. Sometimes we are doing better on this account, on other occasions it is not so good, and sometimes it is a complete failure. That is life. Your results do not represent a scientific finding; however they should help you get to know yourself better, and perhaps even make you think about what you could do to improve things. One of the ways, no doubt, would be to get trained by us.

Please read each of the following statements carefully, and select the valuation that describes you best. Be as frank to yourself as you can so that you can really learn from the results.

1. When I talk to someone my mind may wander.
2. If I am sharing a cramped lift with someone, I am not quite OK.
3. I cannot help it, I always have to make my opinion known.
4. I think that arguments are best resolved through an open confrontation.
5. When I am out with my friends at night, time just flies by.
6. I try and make sure others do not get too close to me.
7. I try to convince others that I am right even if I am not.
8. For the sake of a harmonious relationship it is necessary to talk openly even it is unpleasant. That is why I do not shun such occasions.
9. I do not keep silent but always state my opinion freely.
10. In conversation I quickly get to the heart of the matter.
11. With hindsight, I usually realize that my way of handling arguments may sometimes offend my opponent.
12. I can listen to people.
13. Sometimes I feel I ought to say something but do not know what.
14. I would make a good teacher.
15. I am good at empathizing with others.
16. Often I start a sentence with: „Yes, but...“
17. I am not very good at opposing someone or arguing with them.
18. I do not find it easy to say openly what I really think.
19. In arguments I tend to use the word „I“ more often than „You“.
20. If I find myself in an argument I do not pay attention to whether I fight dirty or not.
21. I feel awkward when someone cries in front of me.