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Test - Competencies for the Labour Market

The complete test of competencies

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Kompetence pro trh práce

No doubt you have a solid professional knowledge in your field. However, nowadays it is not just knowledge that is important. Professional skills are often not enough to be successful at work because today, employers want more: They need competent people.
Competencies are sets of knowledge, skills and attitudes. One needs them to succeed in life, at work or in the society. As far as the labour market is concerned, they are one of the most important factors in finding a suitable job, and succeeding in it.
The aim of this simple questionnaire is to get you know the 14 key competencies and let you see how you are doing. It could be a good start for further self-improvements.

How much do you identify with the following statements?

Vaše jméno:
1. I can recognize but also evaluate, opportunities coming my way.
2. I can quickly switch focus from one task to the next.
3. If someone addresses me in a foreign tongue, I understand what he is after.
4. I can write in a foreign language (email; letter etc.)
5. I have a rich vocabulary & can express myself well, both in speech & writing
6. If I am given a task I can usually envisage the steps leading to its fulfilment.
7. I am always ready to support good suggestions that can help solve a problem.
8. In my work I can comply with other people’s schedules.
9. I can assess my abilities well & use them to good effect so as to finish my work in time.
10. I find my bearings fast even in new environment or under new circumstances.
11. I continuously come up with something new, original & interesting.
12. In conversation, I quickly get to the heart of the matter.
13. I am an active person.
14. I try & accommodate other people.
15. I can control my emotions even if someone’s demands bother me.
16. I try to succeed, not just muddle through.
17. If I make a deal with someone, it is not just for the sake of this one opportunity.
18. Obstacles and/or failures cannot stop me from reaching my goal.
19. If I fail in something, I take it as a lesson how to do better next time.
20. I can recognize the likely cause of events, and foresee the effects.
21. Most of the time, I do more than my duty.
22. I can coordinate several activities at the same time.
23. I enjoy getting involved in new things & find it exciting.
24. I can stick to my plans all right. But I can also amend them if need be.
25. I do not mind working in a team; I am co-operative by nature.
26. I work just as hard under supervision as without it.
27. I continuously spend time & energy on self-development.
28. I am empathic, I know listening is just as important as talking, and I respect it.
29. In a foreign country I do not mind asking locals about anything I need to know.
30. I have no trouble talking and/or presenting to people I do not know even if I have to address larger groups or use a foreign language.
31. If it is a matter of common interest, I give freely of my knowledge & participate in various tasks.
32. I can work under stress &/or bad conditions.
33. I like to try new things.
34. I do not mind not knowing sometimes what I am supposed to do; I will always work it out somehow.
35. I can easily recognize what is important & what is not.
36. I am inquisitive. I am interested in anything new.
37. I can make use of all that I learn.
38. I am looking for new possibilities, solutions and activities.
39. I am not perturbed when I have to use a foreign language.
40. I can react flexibly to changing conditions & requirements.
41. I can select the right priority so as to achieve my goal.
42. I am capable of bringing most of my good ideas to life.
43. As a salesman I would be a success since I know that customer comes always first.
44. I digest all information without any bias & can remain at an arm’s length from the issue.
45. If there is a problem, I try to solve it at once.
46. I can concentrate even when doing routine jobs.
47. I can assess the needs of others & adjust my behaviour accordingly.
48. I make independent decisions based on my own knowledge & experience.
49. I can stick with my opinion.
50. I can judge well what information is reliable & whether I can use it.
51. I never wait for someone to do my job for me.
52. When I come across something new, I can look up the necessary information.
53. I can use at least one foreign language, both speaking and writing
54. I can work consistently & according to plan.
55. I can react quickly & easily adjust my working and/or personal style as required.
56. I know listening is just as important as talking, and I respect it.
57. I prefer finding information from different sources.
58. I am learning a foreign language, or I am trying to improve on the one I know.
59. I do not hesitate to use unusual methods in what I do.
60. I spend a lot of time browsing the Internet or „in the field“, trying to see if there is anything I could use.
61. I can find my way through data &/or documents, and put them in order.
62. I am reliable & can guarantee the quality I deliver.

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