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Test - Competency for solving problems

Doer or Innovator

This test will help you clarify your approaches to problem solving. It should also show you the interlinking of your behaviour and particular team roles that have been described by the well know expert dr. M Belbin.

Please read carefully the following statements and on the scale given select the description that fits you most.

1. I am capable of bringing order to problem solving so that it is done systematically.
2. Normally I would first consider whether an idea or a plan can work in real life.
3. I find it easier to work with people who are short on theory and long on actual performance.
4. I like to follow untrodden paths.
5. I get really annoyed by people who stick to the detail and/or want to know absolutely everything in advance.
6. I concentrate on the actual problem solving regardless of any external preasures.
7. I tend to come up with new ideas and avoid using the established methods.
8. Sometimes I am hard pressed to explain complex issues to other people.
9. I do not find doing something over and over again in the same way particularly enjoyable.
10. Sometimes when I am in the process of thinking an issue over, I totally lose touch with my surroundings.
11. I can take care of ideas being implemented in real life.
12. I prefer to work according to a set plan or established method.